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only proceed if you are old enough and want to read about adult content! i don't know yet how explicit this will get!

What's a 20-City?

within goaty's realm, the rules about adulthood are a little different from our own. rather than the 18 of our world, you're considered to have entered adulthood at age 20 (though still young adulthood, let's be clear).

keeping that in mind, there are some cities where you must be 20 or older to enter. these are called 20-cities, for obvious reasons. in 20-cities, a lot of the rules go out the window, since there are no children around. people go nude, wear fetish gear, have sex in the street. there are all sorts of sex and fetish clubs, and most sex workers live in or near 20-cities.

that said, 20-cities aren't based entirely on tourism. while there's plenty of that, people do live in them year-round. as such, 20-cities have effectively the same infrastructure and resources as other cities—restaurants, farms, and so on.

most 20-cities also have a nearby all-ages city. when someone living in a 20-city decides they would like to raise children, obviously they're no longer able to live in that 20-city. having a nearby all-ages city means these people can still easily keep in touch with and visit their friends who live in the 20-city and vice versa.

so far, all of my furry characters live in the same 20-city. i haven't come up with a name for it yet.