portrait of the artistAnatomy

So here's how bodies work…

don't worry about it too much, it's cartoons!

but because i worried about it too much, there are some things i can say about furries' bodies in goaty's realm.


instead of a blob of fat and nerves, there is a floating, rotating torus! why? well, don't worry about it. for the most part you don't even need to know that.

Gastrointestinal System

there is a straight tube that goes from mouth to tummy (a big cavity). then there's another tube that goes from the tummy to the butthole. that's it! there's no acid in the tummy, things just digest magically.


i guess furries have bones, but not really. in the same way bugs bunny has bones—when it makes sense for the story.

Morph ("Species")

rather than "species," different morphologies are just called morphs for short. these are generally still referred to with terms we're familiar with otherwise—a cat furry is a cat, a dog furry is a dog, and a goat furry is a goat. "hybrids" (perhaps "chimera" would be a better term—characters who have features of both a cat and a rabbit, for instance) are possible, but uncommon—generally the offspring just takes after whoever's giving birth in terms of overall morph, though they may have some features of the other parent (like eye color, fur color, etc).