portrait of the artistGoaty's Role

Who went and made you god, huh?

i did, and you're powerless to stop me.

it's my world, and i have a fursona, so why not? there are actually at least two goaties—a metaphysical goaty (omnipotent/omnipresent/etc) and a corporeal goaty. both are immortal and invulnerable, but the corporeal goaty lives among the people of goaty's realm (albeit in a pyramid on a floating island in the sky).

everyone worships me because i demonstrably exist. i also decide how everything works. canonically, things can work the way they work simply because i said so. it's a world of indulgence, so why not be as indulgent as possible?

corporeal goaty naturally has more magical ability than the average person, but is far from omniscient and is certainly not omnipresent.