portrait of the artistAll About Orbs!

What the hell are orbs?

have you heard of money? it's like that, but orbs.

in goaty's realm, rather than paper or coin, currency comes in the form of magical orbs.

the currency itself is called points. one point is worth 10 minutes of work.

These orbs are magical?

yep! orbs can be combined into higher denomination orbs. for instance, two orbs worth 1 point can be merged to make one orb worth 2 points.

when you want to break a higher-denomination orb into smaller ones, you simply reach inside the orb and pull out the denomination you want. the orb will split into as few orbs as possible that add up to the remainder.

You reach into the orb? What? Is there a hole?

no, you just use your fingers. you think about reaching into it and your fingers go inside it and you think about what you want to pull out and you pull it out. it's that easy!

magical materials make all sorts of things possible!

How big are they? What do they look like?

orbs come in the following denominations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 120.

orbs of different denominations are different sizes. a 1 point orb is about the size of a marble, while an orb worth 120 points is a little bigger than a baseball!

10.5 in
20.75 in
31 in
41.25 in
61.5 in
121.75 in
242 in
362.25 in
482.5 in
602.75 in
1203 in

they're also different colors and have different numbers on them. the number can be seen from every angle, and always looks as if it's directly straight-on. i haven't figured out what colors they are yet—maybe just a spectrum from red to violet or vice versa.

i may also add an orb worth 420 points that's like, bowling ball size. it would be funny.

What if you want to pay for something online?

you slot the orbs into a magical machine that transports them across space to another magical machine. all currency is strictly physical. there is no computer money.

Who makes them?

me! i don't need to make more of them too often though, because nobody needs money to live.