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hey! welcome to my website! perpetually under construction!


2023-06-10: hiiiii

poking at my site again! life is hectic but i've got pots on burners

2022-11-17: construction, changes, what have you

making some changes around here. i'm on hiatus from drawing and commissions and stuff, but i'm trying to get into the swing of writing. i've also started a new section of my site for things about my furry setting (goaty's realm).

2022-03-12: Sweet Ride

I released an album of midi music called Sweet Ride!

It's available for listening & purchase at Itch and Bandcamp.

I hope you enjoy! I also released a 3-track EP of midi covers of songs that were in the movie Drive, also available on Itch and Bandcamp.

2020-07-24: yet another website redesign!

Yep! That's right! I am once again redesigning my website!

I do this a lot! I've decided to go with a simpler thing this time around, though. No more animation, no more convoluted layout—just something simple and straightforward.

2019-12-30: website overhaul once again!

yeah i'm changing it up once again!

2019-11-01: fundraiser complete!

my fundraiser has wrapped up—laptop acquired!!

2019-09-29: total website overhaul!

wow!! new homepage, new overall layout, some new pages!